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We are a unique company that our one job is to always do our best to help our clients to thrive and succeed giving you high quality awnings with reasonable, affordable prices. Estimates are always free and any idea you have we’ll help you make it come alive and give you proof on how it can turn out to be. If you liked what you are being offered and make the order you pay the deposit and how you pay is 50% Advance, 40% Installation & 10% Inspection for permit required awnings and non-permit required signs is 50% Advance & 50% Installation.

We process permits smoothly as possible for our clients depending what you ordered. In our invoices city fees aren’t included because the prices for them is all random and can’t charge you for something we don’t know the price of, so it’s important to keep in mind that all cities have fees that needs to be paid in order to process the permit & to be picked up. We offer two options to pay the fees if you paid for us to process the permit we’ll either request a check from you written to the city or we’ll pay it and add it to the invoice afterwards.

We use high quality fabric & materials to manufacture high performance awnings for your choosing. The structure being made can be made as galvanized structure or not for your liking, smoothing and coating it to perfection of your liking to make your residential or commercial use to perfection. The fabric that can used are Weblon, Sunbrella & Sunbrella Firesist which used popularly throughout all of the awnings ordered by customer’s liking. All the awnings are manufactured under State & City Code for permitting & inspections needs.

We stand by our guarantee always to ensure the best customer satisfaction to you. What this means that when comparing our estimates’ prices with other companies and you found that another company has a better price than ours, please show us proof of that estimate and we’ll match it or lower the price to ensure that you as a client is important to us and always try to make it affordable for you.